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Sh. R.N. Gupta

I am thankful to the learned and honourable people of this area as well as Jansath proper. By a gradual devlopment and co-operation of the people. This college been comes up as a means of higher education.

The above responsibility handed over to me fifteen years ago pertaining to the college by the dedicated intellectual and honourable gentle man of Jansath was carried out by me with utterly limited means.

Today, the college holds a position of its own inrespect of results, discipline building and novelty. In the matter of the above mentioned things the college shines like a bright star. The whole management like member sensible people and learned parents deserve its thankfulness without whose cooperation the possibility of its flurishments development was quite impossible. Besides the bookish knowledge the college concentrates on provides the social sacraments national sacraments.

National service and co-educational activities. All the industrioul awarded. Well qualified teachers stand like bone of the college. Here the are all deserve thankfulness. Their sense of hard exercise and co-operation in the college campous is fully appericiable. I think my self to be fortunate here to cover up the above run to get the college enlist in the rank of among advanced colleges of the university with the best wishes for the grodual fast progress of the college future.

  (R.N. Gupta)
Dr. Brij Gopal Sharma
M.A. (Hindi, Sanskrit), Ph.D.

This pious temple of goddess saraswati mata needs a great reconcilation of management committee, parents, teachers and students in its devlopement. In this sacred yagya of education. The muse of the above all is fruited. In this regard the management committee provides resource and the principal resolves and executes these resources with the help of teachers. The teachers being virtuous give a direction to student’s talent. They present themselves as a model character to get them move a head in this field. A good result is emerged only when the students are in a try to move ahead by getting more and more from their teachers following a line of discipline and their limitation. All the above factors responsible for devlopement of college including the parents who serve as a link between affection of their wards and the college are main activators in this regards.

It is a matter of great joy that all the factors in our college are moving in our college are moving it gradually towards a progress by performing their respective responsibilities with interest and activeness.

Entering the fourteenth year of its establishment, D.A.V. Degree College, Jansath has been in a gradual progress in students all dimensional of development. We feel proud on the fully talented and highly qualified teaching faculties employed as per the ordinance of the university authorities and all the U.G.C. measurements. At the same time the college is making an all around progress by paying a proper attention to the other co-activities of education except traditional reading and teaching activities.

Besides, the discipline among the students is appreciative inspite of rural environment in the established area. In response of the result and discipline, our D.A.V. College holds a place among the progressive colleges by means of setting many a records in the university.

We not only have a hope but also a full confidence that the students of the college will enhance the present the reputation of the college by progressing gradually.

    (Dr. Brij Gopal Sharma)
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